RAF Wittering Policeman Cycles For Peterborough and Leicester Hospitals


Caring Royal Air Force Wittering Policeman Nathan Curtis will cycle a massive 82 miles for Peterborough City Hospital and Leicester Royal Infirmary on 15th April.
Nathan’s twin daughters were born in October 2016 and are healthy now but their mum, Steffanie, needed an emergency caesarean if the smaller of the twins was to survive. The lifesaving operation was performed at Leicester Royal Infirmary.

A picture of Millie and Charlotte taken in December

Nathan and Steffanie were unable to see the girls, Millie and Charlotte, for the first few hours of their lives. Born ten weeks prematurely, the tiny babies were just bigger than the size of an adult hand. Two weeks afterwards, Millie was transferred to Peterborough City Hospital.
Nathan said: “The quality of care was second to none and everybody was just amazing. The neonatal intensive care staff are the real heroes. I knew the girls were in the best capable hands.”
It’s very busy in the Curtis household. Steffanie is a full time mum to Mille and Charlotte and their brother, Noah, who is three years old. Nathan is balancing a very busy job as an RAF policeman with helping his wife at home and training for the bike ride.
In preparation for the 82 mile ride, Nathan trains every day; working in the gym and on a turbo-trainer at home. The turbo-trainer is a small device which is mounted under the rear wheel of a bicycle and allows realistic (but static) training indoors.

Nathan with his bicycle at RAF Wittering

Nathan has set up a MyDonate page: and the money raised will go to the neonatal intensive care units at Peterborough City Hospital and Leicester Royal Infirmary.
The 82.6 mile route will see Nathan cycle from Peterborough City Hospital to Leicester Royal Infirmary and then back again.
Nathan said: “Both hospitals do really amazing work and our girls wouldn’t be here without them. Please just give as generously as you can because there are other parents out there who might be going through the same thing right now and they’ll need as much help as we had.”


Editor: Ed Palmer

Photographer: SAC Matty Smith & Supplied Image

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